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New Team Shoebacca Kits 2016

Super excited about this Kit!!

The site is live as of now and will be open for two weeks then close and your items will be made.
Follow the link:
I've added the Pro cut jersey as an option. On that one you order your usual size but know that it is skin suit snugish fit with a breathable meshish back.
Just trying to pass a great deal on a cool Kit to the friends.
This is the latest Shoebacca Kit, it Represents American pride, Friends, Community and "It takes a Village attitude" The kit is top of the line Squadra with upgraded chamois. I'll be offering two jersey styles the "premium" cut and their highend "pro" cut. All flat locked Etc the Pro is a little lighter fabric and a tighter fit. I'm letting them sell for my cost in the hopes that y'all will enjoy a great deal on a kit, ride a ride to help others or donate to one of the charities we as Team Shoebacca support or just look styling while riding.
Simple stuff.
Pretty Excited about this one.

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